Today Steve Jobs died. Why is it that we can be so affected by the death of someone we’ve never met? What does it mean that thousands of people are being moved to write eulogies for someone they have never known? Why am I even writing this?

It means Steve Jobs was, of course, one of those people that will be remembered throughout history. He lived passionately, inspirationally, and he lived life to the fullest and because of that this world will not forget him easily. Nor will I.

That Apple logo is everywhere. I see it every day, I use products that carry it every day, and, from now on, every time I see it, I will be reminded of a man who lived life well.

My favorite tag line of Apple was “think different”. Sometimes that’s what it takes to break the same old systems that run this world. May we all think a little differently and make this world a better, more beautiful, place.

Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. 

ryan miller