just for fun

Sometimes in life, it’s amazing to stop what you are doing and just have fun! It’s shocking how unnoticed, our daily routine, can be. Sometimes I will joke with Ryan and say I feel like I am living the movie Groundhogs Day.  So, thinking about Mango Ink cards mixed in with aNeMonE paper flowers and Matt Shumate, we started brainstorming. Matt Shumate is one of those people that is doing what he is made to do. He LOVES his work and you cannot spend two minutes with him and NOT get that. Ryan and I have read and read and read SO many books that have inspired us and speak such truth into our lives about business and passion that you can spot it a mile away when someone else has that “thing” that we all are striving to have. So, even though our lives are crazy busy and truthfully cannot fit ONE more thing into it, we did this fun shoot with an amazing team. It was actually one of those decisions that brought life and inspiration to our souls. So, check out the shoot images and video here. Be sure and see all the amazing Spokane Washington vendors that made it all possible! (and stay tuned for more about Mary at aNeMonE, I have SO much to say.)

ryan miller