the air line

Ryan and his love of airplanes is the real deal. Coming up on 18 years of marriage, I can honestly say THIS is a love that dates back to his childhood. One that is a teeny bit close to an obsession. When traveling, he is the guy listening to the pilots talk to air traffic control (when we used to be able to), the one who knows the type of plane we are on before we get to the airport, and the one who told me he wishes he was that guy who holds those flags and directs the plane to the gates just to be near them. When he lived in Haiti as a pre-teen, he actually sat in the cockpit and flew a plane full of passengers. (Scary!) So, out of his heart and soul, this air line was created. And also in Ryan style, these had to be simple & clean.

So for the lover of airplanes, traveling, seeing the world and living in awe and wonder, these are for you too!


UPDATED: this "air line" has it's own site. 08 Left. It's been amazing!


ryan miller