Something nice

We were reminded about this lovely blog post written about Mango Ink, by Babble, and wanted to show it to you on our new site. Thank you again Babble for saying such nice things and affirming our belief that less is more sometimes! It can be tempting to load our site up with millions of different designs, but we love leaving you with ones WE love. Sometimes that means there isn't something for everyone, but that's okay. With all the ways you can change our designs ( p.s. we do the work for you so you can be less stressed ), there CAN be something for everyone. Changing colors, fonts, and photos make the entire design all yours, and very unique.  

So, thanks again Babble for featuring us! 

“If you’re looking for the best-designed cards, bar-none, allow us to introduce you to Mango Ink. Unique, fresh and crisp, they have a level of open-ended personalization missing from the mega companies. While their catalog might not have the endless options as gigantic photo sites, we’d rather browse through 20 stellar designs than a mixed bag of hundreds, anyway.”
Babbles favorite design!

Babbles favorite design!

ryan miller