Beautiful Bride + New Wedding suite

We loved meeting Jessie Rosen of 20-nothings blog. She is getting married, wanted us to do her invites and is such a doll! Her wedding suite that we collaborated with her is now up on our site, brand new, and is named after her. Check out her blog, follow her on twitter and don't be surprised if she writes a book before too long. On her blog you'll find "opinions, interviews, issues, stories, satires, and diary entries about getting by from 2-0 to 3-0 with minimal wind resistance. The goal has been and will always be to remind you that you're not alone, you're (probably) not crazy, and (chances are) you're going to make it out of this alive." Happy Wedding day Jessie and Robby! 

And she wrote some sweet things about us that made our day! See below or read it on her site.

TITLE: MangoInk - My #1 Wedding Stress Saviors 
I’m not lying when I say that our wedding planning was going very smoothly. There was some early anxiety around the selection of the venue, decisions around the guest list and realization about the astronomical costs of alcohol (I’m talking more than the cost of the food!!), but aside from those typical wedding woes, it’s been smooth sailing. 

 Until it came time to do the invites. 

 If you asked me where I prioritized wedding invitation before I was an engaged lady, I would have said that I didn’t. I mean, I envisioned them being lovely, but zero Pinterest pinning time had been dedicated to their creation (as opposed to, say, the 18+ hours dedicated to pining floral table scapes). So around December 1st I started researching options, aanndd around December 2nd I was convinced that the only option was E-vites. There are endless possibilities, all of those possibilities cost more than I ever intended to spend, and none of the ones I could afford seemed to come with a kind and caring human being to help me through the process. And so around December 15th I decided I would D.I.M. I have rudimentary Photoshop skills. I could call a few local printers. Paper Source makes some beautiful papers. Done and done, right? Sort of. 72+ hours, 45 grey hairs and six drives from Beverly Hills to Hollywood later I had a proof I was mildly satisfied with at a cost around the same as ordering them online. 

 And then I got an e-mail that changed my wedding planning life. 

 Meet Heidi and Ryan of

  They are a husband-and-wife business team out of Washington state celebrating 9 years in the design business. He's the design man. She's the business lady. And this is what you read upon first arriving to their user-friendly website: 

  • Take a breath. This is supposed to be fun! 
  • We are here (and have been since 2005) to help you create something beautiful, something that matters, and to walk alongside you throughout the process.
  • We are not automation and you are not just customers.  
  • We are that friend who knows how to design but you are afraid to ask.
  • We're here to make things easy and personal and to make sure that we end up with something that we're both proud of.  
  • We are your personal designer. 
  • Take a look around and see and let us know if we can help you in any way. 

And now you see why these two instantly became my invitation fairy godmother and father. Heidi listened to all my thoughts and explained how they could best make it work. She popped sample papers in the mail for me to get a look/feel for the options. Ryan took my existing design and spruced it up well beyond my capabilities (and lightening fast!). 2 weeks after starting our process together, I had final proofs. 

As you guys know, I don't use this blog to endorse companies often (if ever), but it has been so refreshing to get personal attention in the otherwise massive, money-grubbing wedding industry. My new friends at MangoInk do beautiful wedding work (including save-the-dates, thank you cards and return address labels), but they also have options for holiday cards, baby announcements, valentines and more. Give a look if you're in need or pass along to a friend. 

 I commend anyone who can DIY every element of their wedding. R and I are doing tons of that ourselves. But this was one area that I was very, very happy to have professional help. Now I have way more time to obsessively pin wedding day make-up!

Side note: all personal information has been changed. Dates, times, addresses and photos are in fact, not Jessie Rosen.

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