Inspired in New York (again)

Traveling to a place that rocks my soul like this city does, always leaves me reflecting. You can peek at what I learned last visit here

Some things i'm thinking about......

*The ICFF is so full of ridiculous, gorgeous stuff you can't even take it all in.

*Terrance from Dynomighty Designs is super rad. He hosted a party in their Brooklyn studio for all the Designboom artists (that's us!) and encouraged everyone with the most authentic, freeing perspective. He hasn't even read Seth Godin, so he is a natural. P.S. we love their wallets!

*We had our booth in-between two darling companies. Mihr creates gorgeous hand crafted porcelain bowls, spoons, and earrings all inspired by vegetables. Anthroplogie has been talking to her. As they should. The girls on the other-side of our booth were from Indonesia. Traveled all the way around the world to exhibit in new york with their gorgeous purses. This darling couple from Poland, who came to New York to showcase their bracelets, got engaged the night before the Designboom mart started. They are adorable!

*We took a pedi cab ride through central park on my birthday. Baboe, our driver, was amazing. He was a child soldier in Africa. He told us three times, if he didn't do it, his mother, sister and brother would have been killed. He told us to please not be scared of him now that he told us that. He was precious and so deeply hurt by his past. He has been in New York for 4 years.

*Having dinner at midnight is so fun! Coming from the west coast makes it easy.

*When i get overloaded, literally things cannot sink in. My brain was so full. Yet Ryan somehow doesn't stop. He amazes me all the time.

*Coming back to our three kids was amazing and a reality check all at the same time. They are what really matter and I am thankful for them.

*Thanks to my hubby, we got to see Rock of Ages with Jello shots and canned beer. The. Best. Birthday ever! 

*Ryan is truly obsessed with airplanes and airports and runways. He is like a little kid every time he get's to fly. By the way, you need to watch this to remind yourself of the wonder in this world that is around us all the time and we complain too much.

*With the excitement and wonder of owning your own business comes lots of self doubt, dark days, and realizing it's really really a lot of work.

*I am trying with all my heart to do one thing at a time, slowly. Do less, get better at my daily rituals, look at cleaning as meditation instead of in my way.  And take pressure off myself. I wish to be perfect and check off my to do list each day. But that never happens. ever. And it's OK.

*Taking time to breathe and cultivate rest and play are a MUST. (once again Brene Brown is right!) and learning to unwind without reaching for a glass or two of wine to help relax would be very very mature and helpful. Bring on the meditation and yoga!


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