Mama Heidi

I was nominated by one of our fabulous designers, Jessica Roy, to tell my mama story on The Mother Effin Truth Blog. First of all, what a fabulous name! Second of all, I loved getting the chance to stop and reflect on motherhood. (I have to admit, at first I thought I would pass because I didn't have time, but then I was so glad I did it.)

Here it is if you want to read:

When your in the thick of motherhood it’s hard to imagine what its like when you send your kiddo off to college. I remember I couldn’t wait until my nugget turned 1 years old, now I’m crying over every day that passes. Mama Heidi puts everything in perspective, and this is a must read to every mom that has a little one and she tells her story but also gives us her thoughts and advice.

Read her journey in her words: AT THE MOTHER EFFIN BLOG


Heidi Miller