Mango Ink compared to the big box stores Tiny Prints and Minted?

Jessica over at Boston Baby Photos wrote us last year during the crazy holiday season full of compliments and praise for Mango Ink's cards. Needless to say, it made our day! Of course we pride ourselves on being different, personal to the 10th degree, striving for amazing printing and cardstocks, having ecstatic clients come back year after year (and in doing so we get to "know" these families and see them grow), and really caring. This isn't just about money, it's about making cool cards for our clients and their families. We LOVE it!

Jessica did a TON of work on this post, allowing you to see several comparisons between our company and these other two. We think she did a great job and wanted to share it with you guys. 

You can read the entire post HERE.

Some highlights from the post (that of course we loved most):

Mango Ink: Mango Ink is a boutique-style card company with a clean and simple style. They’re located on the west coast, and are owned by husband and wife Heidi and Ryan Miller. They’ve been in business 10 years, and their philosophy is completely different than the big box companies like Tiny Prints and Minted, in that they’re essentially your personal card designer. You start by finding a card you like on their website and placing an order, and they’ll change it to fit your personality. They think of the designs on their site as “ideas”, and they want you to find some element or elements you love and then have them to make it just right for you. They’ll “work with you ’til it works” and they tell me “nobody’s stuck, ever.” Their turnaround time is also extraordinarily quick in the busy holiday season.

My clients who’ve worked with Mango Ink in past years tell me: “they’re helpful”, “responsive”, “super easy”, “better quality”, “different”, “committed to making the card perfect for me, no matter how many tries it took”, “the paper quality was amazing”, “nice and patient”, “their website is a lot less overwhelming”, “terrific”, “creative in their suggestions”, “responsive to requests at the height of the busy season”, and they make “great quality cards”.

PAPER: I’ll cut to the chase here – there’s one that’ll blow you away. It’s smooth and the photos look insanely crisp, bright and beautiful on it. You kind of want to caress this paper, trust me. It’s the 130 lb Smooth paper offered by Mango Ink. I highlighted the price for it in blue in the pricing table below. (For me, the one discount paper listed below (the Tiny Prints 100 lb Studiobasics paper) isn’t quite thick enough – it feels a little flimsy. It isn’t as flimsy as the photo paper I described above, but it isn’t that thick card stock I’m looking for.) The 110 lb – 130 lb papers offered by Tiny Prints and Minted are matte, and although they’re nice and thick to the touch, I just adore the way the photos look on the 130 lb smooth from Mango Ink.

So thank you Jessica for working on this, it must have been exhausting. :) 

P.S. Check out some of Jessica's gorgeous photography on these Mango Ink designs below.

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