guess, what? heidi is a minted designer too.

for the past 11 years at Mango Ink, i have leaned over ryan's shoulder and watched him design all of our designs and when i had ideas of my own, I would direct him as he clicked and moved things around. i loved all of this. 

a couple of years ago, ryan encouraged me and reminded me that i SHOULD be designing myself. full of self doubt and insecurities i began to learn design programs and watch as many tutorials as i could find. ryan had to rescue me so many times and all the while he kept saying, "heidi you CAN do this". i look back and can hardly believe how far i have come. i am a graphic designer? and while i can sorta start to say that i am a graphic designer and believe it, all it has done is given me a thirst for more. there is so much to learn and aspire to be. i am in love with all of it. 

so that brings me to a big celebration for me. i have submitted some designs to the minted community and started my own little brand over there. i am so proud to be heidi lee miller from mango ink. i just keep smiling. 

i won this valentines day design as well as these TWO graduation designs, here and here. i am so thankful to be a part of this group of indie designers and am so grateful for the chance to make some art all on my own in this world.

and a side note, 90% of the 2016 holiday collection at mango ink was designed by me, heidi lee miller. if you would have told me this would be true 5 years ago, i wouldn't have believed you.

so, that thing you don't think you can learn? go learn it. that things that scares you? do it. when you read books like Elizabeth's Gilberts Big Magic, you will understand the world needs you and there is no such thing as scarcity. there are enough ideas to go around and nobody does it like you. the world needs you.

thanks for loving mango ink and celebrating this fun thing with us. we are excited for what's ahead.

happy valentines day! xoxoxo heidi

This one won top 20!

This one won top 20!

This is my baby girl graduating this year, 2017. Photography by KC England!

This is my baby girl graduating this year, 2017. Photography by KC England!

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