Republic of Equal

This little company was started by Ryan Miller, my husband and partner in all things. Together we do so much together. And we have a blast! Take a peek below to read more about this love of ours and help spread the word. 

Republic of Equal is a simple and clean line of apparel that communicates our fundamental good news of the universe - we're all equally worthy and valuable. We need each other. We are them. They are us.

Simon Sinek says every new business venture should start with why. 

Why are we doing this? 

Well, after starting a few small brands, the why for this husband and wife team has never been easier to answer.

We're a little mad. We're a lot inspired. We're empowered. We're moved.  To resist the systems that raise some at the expense of others. We're fighting inequality. Of every kind. 

We understand it has to be more than shirts. But we also understand that we're all walking billboards, often proudly displaying what it is we vote for every day and that those billboards can be powerful. They can remind, they can provoke, they can spur and they can encourage. We're fine with any of those options. 

We also know that we can run an apparel shop in a different way, trying to practice the spread of wealth in the way we hope value and worth spread. 

In addition, we can support some of the amazing organizations that are fighting inequality on the front lines. They need money and we can help them in selling our message of something better. So, we donate $5 of every item shipped to those non-profits who are, and have been, in this battle for a long time. 

We hope that some shirts and some money inspire us all to do even more. To stand up for any kind of demeaning language and/or action directed at any group of humans and to fight for equal rights, equal pay, and an all around perspective that sees every human for what we are: beautiful, valued, beings full of tremendous potential and power if we just believe it

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