When Ryan was little, he lived in Haiti. When Ryan lived in Haiti, he fell in love with his favorite fruit: mango. He used to eat mangos every day because they were so sweet, so tasty, and so unique. And delicious.

When Ryan moved away from Haiti, he was very sad, because he didn’t get to eat Mangos every day. (Why do mangoes have to be so expensive in the US?)

However, Ryan got older and grew to love other things, like Heidi. He married Heidi and together they loved to entertain people. They loved to send out nice invitations to people to invite them to parties of all sorts. The only problem was, there were no invitations – or at least the kind that they loved to send out.

Then, they had kids. There were still no invitations to send to announce their children’s births, birthday parties, or even Holiday Cards….well, again, not the kind that they loved to send out.

So, Ryan and Heidi started making their own cards: cards that were as nice as the party. Cards that truly gave a taste of the sweetness to come.

Those cards reminded Ryan of Mangos. They were sweet, they were tasty and they were unique. Ryan and Heidi decided that other people would love such cards too. So they started Mango Ink.

And even though not everyone loves Mangos, they do love things that are sweet, tasty, and unique. And they love to send those things to the people they love.

Heidi has spent 20+ years being a mom (teenagers now!), a wife, and a graphic designer. All of these things have allowed her to learn stuff like finance, style, simplicity, authenticity, and passion. Heidi is drawn to clean lines and simple design. A born and raised Pacific Northwest girl, who craves all things minimal and clutter free, and aspires to have that be true in all aspects of her life.

Ryan has spent 18+ years working as a designer, writer and speaker. Ryan likes to dabble in anything that lets him be creative, evolve, and help the world to be a more beautiful, more restful, and more united place.