When Ryan was little, he lived in Haiti. When Ryan lived in Haiti, he fell in love with his favorite fruit: mango.
He used to eat mangos every day because they were so sweet, so tasty, and so unique. And delicious.

When Ryan moved away from Haiti, he was very sad, because he didn’t get to eat mangos every day.

However, Ryan got older and grew to love other things, like Heidi. He married Heidi and together they loved to entertain people. They loved to send out nice invitations to people to invite them to parties of all sorts. The only problem was, there were no invitations – or at least the kind that they loved to send out.

Then, they had kids. There were still no invitations to send to announce their children’s births, birthday parties, or even holiday cards….well, again, not the kind that they loved to send out.

So, Ryan and Heidi started making their own cards: cards that were as nice as the party.
Cards that truly gave a taste of the sweetness to come.

Those cards reminded Ryan of mangos. They were sweet, they were tasty and they were unique.

Ryan and Heidi decided that other people would love such cards too. So they started Mango Ink in 2005.

And even though not everyone loves mangos, they do love things that are sweet, tasty, and unique.
And they love to send those things to the people they love.

18 years later we are just trying to keep making sweet, tasty, unique things that people love.

Meet your dream team


Heidi, the owner and designer at Mango ink, is drawn to clean lines and simple design. A born and raised Pacific Northwest girl, Heidi craves all things minimal and clutter free, and aspires to have that be true in all aspects of her life. Graphic design and the art of letterpress is a true passion and she keeps learning and growing in thesefields every chance she gets.

To quote Heidi…..

for 2023 i have a word! for the first time ever and i am so proud. it’s NURTURE. a much needed word that encapsulates all. these come to mind : to be more calm with a packed plate // to breath and meditate and put more goals on self care (and do it!) // to nurture my friendships one on one (outside of our couple dates) // to nurture our incredible staff and the mango ink environment (no burn out and cortisol spikes please) // to nurture my kids… my favorite humans on the planet // to focus on each client with my whole heart with space to create // to spend more time in the kitchen cooking and sipping wine (the best!).

together ryan and i have three incredible kids, isaac 26, abbey 24 and anna 19. they are my everything and i am so proud of them! adult children are a dream. (hang in there parents… the reward coming). :)


Ryan, also the owner and designer at Mango ink, helped to create video games for 15+ years including work on the best-selling Myst and Riven. Yeah he’s getting old quoting old video games like that.

He loves to dabble in anything that lets him be creative, evolve, and help the world to be a more beautiful, more restful, and more united place. Ryan has spent 20+ years working as a designer, writer and speaker. You can also find his other love over at 08 Left and his other love at… forget it. He has too many loves. You can just go to his website to see them all.

To quote Ryan…

Want to know my goal for 2023? Spend more time on projects and have less of them - so I can spend that time on them. Yeah, I have a lot in my head, I’m obsessed (addicted?) to being creative and bringing creative ideas to people and their weddings, homes, events, lives….

I lived in 6 places before arriving to Spokane my Sophomore year in High School. I went back to Seattle for some school but I’ve been here ever since. I guess that makes me a Spokanite but, in my soul, I feel like I should be Swedish. Yes that makes no sense, but if you know me, it kinda does. : )


Jess is our producer! The project manager, assembly and shipping queen! Plus some data merge, design, and keeping Heidi and Ryan in check and on track!

She’s from Spokane, WA - born and raised and well, to quote her…

LIFE IS GOOD. really good! i've got the absolute best people (+ puppy) in my corner and I feel so so blessed! I am obsessed with the sun + any excuse to be outside (preferably by the water with a margarita in my hand!). I have a love for fitness + adventure + just spending time with the awesome people I am surrounded by each day.

I believe in a strong work ethic, honesty, a positive attitude, and perseverance. just waking up each morning and choosing to be the best version of yourself and trying to grow (just a little) each day :)

being a part of the mango team is such a dream! having just a little part in creating a special moment for someone else is just the BEST. it gives me goosebumps thinking about all the time + love that goes into every design + every product. what a special thing to be a part of! 


Kate is a graphic designer with mad skills. Mad skills and a calm personality that rocks out all kinds of creativity with such grace. She’s a mama, artist, creative, talented and fierce business owner herself. We are all the luckiest to have her around!

A little more? You bet… from Kate…

I used to boast the fact I was born in California (I felt such pride listening to Beach Boys’ California Girls!). But the truth is I moved to Spokane the I was two, so I’m a Spokanite.

I think that good design makes people happy. Sometimes people don’t know how happy until they experience it, but when someone sends out a holiday card or wedding invite that sings with their personality, it’s magic. Knowing someone will be holding it in their hand makes it an extra special act of love and connection.

My top values are kindness, community, beauty and fun. I try to experience those four things with my two kiddos and husband as much as possible.

I am obsessed with having people over to our home (and constantly redesigning said home in my head to make it better for having people over). If I’m not entertaining or preparing to entertain or cleaning up after entertaining, I'm painting, drawing, reading, or doing anything outside.


Emma is a press-woman extraordinaire. Lover of all antique presses and obsessed with how they work, what they do and how they do it. The most generous spirit ever.

And she has single handedly made Lucky shine - really a video of Emma taking care of a press is something that will make your skin tingle (in the best way) and tears to your eyes. She cares for letterpress as much as she does the people around her. A gem!


In May of 2019 Heidi took a Letterpress intensive weekend class in LA (from Britt at Swell Press) and fell in love! The process is so intricate, so precise, and a true art that is a centuries-old. This artisan printing method has evolved from wooden and metal type to a more modern approach using polymer plates that allow for amazing creativity and freedom. It’s like fusion cooking; taking the old and mixing it with the new in fresh ways. Our creative juices are flowing and we are so excited to introduce this ancient printing method at Mango Ink! In June of 2019, we found a Press and brought her to her new home and named her Charlie. She is an 1895 Chandler & Price Platten Press and so beautiful! In addition, we also have Lucky. She is a 1962 Heidleburg Windmill. She is a star. And don’t forget Luna, our yellow beast of a paper cutter. She cuts like butter. Perfectly crisp edges and so dreamy.


The most luxurious print method that exists. Designs are created into polymer plates. These plates are created by exposing a reverse negative of the design atop a UV sensitive polymer. The result is almost like a stamp, where each design and or color to be printed has its own plate.  

The letterpress plates are adhered to a base that is locked into place on the letterpress machine. The plate is lined up perfectly, using the grid on the base and the registration guides on the machine, and then meticulously measured to make sure the design will print perfectly straight. It’s a labor of love for sure!

The press is inked up with letterpress ink that has been mixed by hand in-house using the Pantone formula guide. The nature of letterpress allows printing of one color at a time, requiring a separate plate and a separate pass through the press for every color to be printed.

Cotton paper that has been specially trimmed to size for the project is hand fed through the press, one sheet at a time. Careful attention is paid to various factors throughout the printing process such as alignment, impression, ink coverage, and color consistency.

After printing, the paper is carefully trimmed to final size and you have the most amazing piece of art that started centuries ago. It’s yours.