inspired in NYC

Things I observed and learned as I stepped away from my routine at home.

*We need much less sleep than we think when we are living life with joy and passion.
*I am a minimalist. At least I want to be.
*How can we get that NY energy here!?
*I need to reduce the noise in my life. Whose voices am I letting in?
*Stop complaining and create. Actually it was Karli who told me, from a design conference she attended, but it came alive to me walking the aisles of the Stationery Show. I was reminded to simply Do the Work.
*There is a huge difference in “I made a mistake” (guilt) and “I am a mistake” (shame). Best Ted talk ever.Brene Brown rocks.
*My favorite new exhibitor, who had the best booth+products in my opinion, shed tears as she was setting up, thinking she wasn’t up to standards. (How do I know? Her mom and my mom became friends in the aisle, on the spot, and exchanged phone numbers. One mom to another talked about worrying, about their daughters, and how we take on a lot. Moms are the best!)
*Even putting our best selves out there, we all feel inadequate at times. Talking to artists at the show, THIS was the truth!
*The world is BIG! We are not. Leaving quiet Spokane for GIANT bustling Manhattan, I was reminded at how big our planet is. Wow. Traveling brings perspective.
*Ann Curry told me I was beautiful. She looked right into my soul and it felt like time stood still. Funny right? Um, SHE is beautiful!
*I don’t need more money, just wall paper & spray paint. Jonathan Adler inspired me. (My way of coping with his boutique in SoHo and pretending I don’t want new things.)
*My husband is my favorite person to be with 24/7. This was the longest I have been away from him in years!
*I love that I navigated NYC so well! With maps + taxis + trains. Who knew?
*Ryan paints things on our walls when i leave.
*Katie from Kelp designs has created a community for which I am grateful. Trade Show Bootcamp is the best!
*Most interesting person I have ever sat next to on a plane goes to Reza. Born and raised in Iran, completing his 15th year of school and is one year away from becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. When he turned 16, his dad paid a smuggler to get him to America so he could have an education and avoid the military. He actually swam across the border. Swam. Sixteen years old.
*Mango Ink is going to have some fun! We brought back amazing products from the Stationery Show and WE are working on new designs. Do. The. Work. right?

ryan miller