This little love of ours....

We are so excited and in love with the new branch of Mango Ink! It's called 08 Left (which is the name of a runway, in case you are like me and had NO idea). It comes from Ryan's super nerdy love of airplanes and airports. No joke. He loves them. Read about it here. 

So here begins a fabulous thing that truly comes from a genuine love and bursts from deep within. 

For the dreamers, travelers, planet lovers, collectors, and modern art and typography lovers, this is for you. Collect places you have been and remember the wonder of the art of flight and seeing this world and all it has to offer.

P.S. it makes a great gift for grads and fathers!

Use code "DAD" for 20% off.

Use code "DAD" for 20% off.

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