"I just want to say, even though we haven't finalized this process and I haven't received cards yet . . . I am so very happy with my Mango Ink experience thus far. You all are so responsive and dedicated to your clients and I've never had such personalized care and support. This is my first order, but there will definitely be future orders at this rate! Thank you!" - Amy

Mango Ink is a boutique creative studio specializing in letterpress, wedding suites, holiday cards, event signage, and logos + branding. We are your personal designers and stationers for all occasions - no automation here folks! Start with one of our designs to get the creative juices flowing, or share your vision and we’ll build something custom together.

We can’t wait to get started.

Welcome to our little spot in this big digital universe thing.

We seriously get into this stuff and we bring years of experience, creativity, and fun to the table. Whether you want to rock the boat and go the rebel way (etiquette, what’s that?) or whether you want to follow the tried and true formal formula (hey it’s called classic for a reason) we’ve got you covered and we’ve probably done something close to it. But, we haven't done it exactly, because we haven’t had you.

What is Letterpress? Well, it's the most amazing and the ONLY print method that allows for the ink to "press" in the paper. The process is so intricate, so precise, and a true art that is a centuries-old. This artisan printing method has evolved from wooden and metal type to a more modern approach using polymer plates that allow for amazing creativity and freedom.

It’s like fusion cooking; taking the old and mixing it with the new in fresh way.

Oh yeah, we love branding too! We’ve done gyms, counseling services, clinics, yoga, skincare, landscaping, and way way more…. and there’s nothing more fun than putting everything a business means into a symbol of some kind (part of the reason we love “branding” weddings too - but, yeah, got a new business or an old business that needs a refresh? Hit us up!


We think we've got one of the best teams out there - ready to rock whatever you need with care, speed, and 20 years of experience.


We cover ground shipping fees on holiday cards and save the dates which, these days, is saying something you know. Shipping...


We listen and make your design exactly how you imagine. Whether it be for your Holiday card or your wedding invitation suite, we got you.

Lucky because… lug nuts coming off a 2 ton-trailer on the freeway… yeah we feel lucky we made it back with her (and us) in one piece. She's a wonder.

Charlie because… well… it just fits. Who can really say why? We saw her - yes, she is a girl - and Heidi thought Charlie for this 1895 beauty.

We can't forgot about Luna our 1970’s cutter either. Her name is Luna (named after a dog in Italy) and though she doesn't smell like that dog, she does cut like crazy.

Put them all together and you get fully custom, fully beautiful, fully stunning letterpress designs and stationery for whatever you need them for.

We understand this is your big day and we also understand luxury hand-crafted stationery costs money, because most good things do (besides that whole best things in life are free thing - like love!). So, we get it. You’re putting a lot of trust in us and we don’t take it lightly. We’ve been through everything working smoothly and we’ve been through the oh s$@t! we have to fix that TODAY weddings but we’re here no matter what to make sure it all works the way you’re dreaming about. So let’s do this!


If you are on the fence about Mango Ink, jump in now! Heidi and the team at Mango Ink were incredible, maybe incredible is an understatement. They were timely, communicative, collaborative and generous in sharing their knowledge.

The only guidance I provided was fun, casual, earth tones and pizza party and damn, did they deliver. They created a vision I didn't even know I had, the photos speak for themselves.

10/10, I am already looking forward to printing our holiday cards.

- Carlee

So grateful

I'm truly so grateful for Heidi and her team at Mango Ink. They did all of the stationery and signage at my wedding and helped make the event absolutely beautiful. Heidi was so easy and fun to work with. She was always available over email (fast to respond) and even let me call her multiple times after regular business hours for pressing questions. I would recommend Mango Ink to everyone that is planning a wedding or an event that requires any type of stationery. She executed my vision so well and even brought new, innovative ideas to the table that I loved and incorporated into the event. I will most definitely be coming back to Mango Ink for future stationery needs (holiday cards, personalized thank yous, etc.).

- Eliza

The Best Decision!

Hiring Mango Ink was one of the SINGLE BEST DECISIONS we made in our wedding planning process!

- Melanie & Ethan